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The SMART SYSTEM MATRIX SLED EXTREME turns Static Balancing and Dynamic Balancing a child’s play.

The EXTREME version is perfect for Cinema cameras, even the heavier ones thanks to additional counterbalance weights included

Ultra fluid Gimbal, Micrometric non floating head backlash compensated. Monitor LCD holder on separate rods for maximum stiffness and flexibility.

Innovative Battery management based on Double Vlock Batteries slots for +12V or 24V operation with an extra C-Battery Slots.

40mm Carbon fiber Telescopic center post for a total weight of 5.5kgs without counterbalance weights.


You won’t need to use keys any longer to set up your Matrix Sled.

When you work, it’s required a good operating speed.

The possibility to make slight movements is essential. The use of an exclusive locking levers system and knobs with an ergonomic handle guarantee speed, accuracy and reliability.

1.5″ CARBON TELESCOPIC POST (40mm) – Tool-free

First rate carbon telescopic post with a 40mm diameter to ensure a great strength and a great lightness as well.


The gimbal, as well as being surprisingly fluid, has got an innovative locking clamp, able to minimize the force necessary for the fastening.


Solutions arise from needs. Smarthead allows the operator to disconnect integrally the sled’s head and create new configurations. Thanks to this technology, you can keep your sled up to date and prepared to accommodate the future releases by SmartSystem. Furthermore you can realize a customized head, according to your specific needs.


First rate carbon rods kit. Apart from adjusting the distance between the monitor and the post and its position, you can also tilt it on.

To guarantee an excellent level of stiffness at any angles, it’s provided with an INDEXED articulation system. There won’t be the slightest rotation of the monitor holder even in the worst working conditions.


You choose what you want to power and how.For cinema as well as for broadcast, how powering the different components, according to their specific function, has always been a problem for many operators who must combine lightness and efficiency.

SmartPack let you choose what you want to power and how.

The two installed batteries have got separate circuits and, thanks to their easy hemisferic buttons provided with a LED signal you can choose:

  • to power the camera from the battery A or B, or from both the batteries for a longer duration
  • to power the additional accessories from the battery A/B or from both of them.
  • to power the camera with 24V (either the battery A and B must be installed).The XLR connector, thanks to its high-brightness LED, will point out when the system has reached 24V.

Also SMARTPACK has an indexed system for adjusting the battery pack inclination. Extreme strenght and safety is guaranteed, even with the heaviest batteries.


Every component of your equipment could need a particualr voltage in order to work properly. Most commercial sleds has only one wiring in order to connect your battery pack from the lower side of the sled to the upper one. Matrix Sled give to you the opportunity to connect up to three different voltages from your batteries to the component that needs to be powered up.


MATRIX SLED EXTREME is equipped with an additional C Battery plate giving to you more endurance or more flexibility to your setup.


The essence of a stabilizer sled is the ability to balance the weight of your camera (accessories included like remote follow focus or particulare cinema lenses)More weight on the upper part of your sled can be counterbalanced increasing the distance of the batteries or monitor from the fulcrum represented by the gimbal. This translates in a less pratical sled setup reducing the ability to boom down (you’ll risk to touch the ground with batteries or lower part of sled) or touch the sled with your legs during fast movements.

MATRIX SLED EXTREME give to you the possibility to add up to to ten counterbalance weight (225gr each) in order to reach the perfect balancing without sacrificing the versatility of your setup


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