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Proaim 8" Suction Camera Vibration Isolator for Gimbals, 5-20kg/11-44lb

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Proaim 8″ Suction Camera Vibration Isolator for Gimbals, 5-20kg/11-44lb

Proaim 8″ Isolator Suction Cup with Camera Vibration Isolator is a great solution for removing micro vibrations & offering smooth tracking movement when shooting from moving vehicles. This uniquely designed system is compatible with compact 3-axis gimbals as well as direct mounting of DSLRs, Mirrorless and compact video cameras. The Vibration Isolator Gripper can be used practically on any vehicle (or just about any moving object) with its sturdy suction mount in place. This is an all-in-one solution and usually requires no additional grip and rigging hardware. The payload both at still & running position is between 5-20kg / 11-44lb, more than enough to handle a gimbal and camera body with additional accessories on top; and the vehicle driving at the maximum speed of 200km/h. This system comes with 2 Interchangeable Shock Modules for extreme fine tuning. Proaim 8″ Isolator is a perfect video equipment to execute tricky moving shots with confidence!


The high quality 8” suction cup with a hold rating of 80kg/176lb gets easily affixed on any smooth non-porous surface within no time. It comes with a built-in hand-actuated Pump system and Pressure Warning Indicator. It efficiently removes air from between the rubber pad and the attaching surface thus creating a much more reliable hold. It lets you capture shots at complicated places while keeping your camera set up completely safe.


The isolator utilizes strategically configured wire rope to support the gimbal & absorbs inertial movements. Its wide absorption range allows it to remove high frequency vibrations, while dampening low frequency oscillations. This makes the gimbal’s job easier and improves video quality.



The Interchangeable shock modules come in two strengths: Light Duty and Standard. These modules can also be combined with various cable strengths to achieve the exact payload displacement and strength you need. There is also an option to add a third cable per shock module via Add-On Cables.

• Red Light Duty (5-10kg/11-22lb):

DSLR, smaller Digital Cine Cameras or hard mounted camera without a gimbal.

• Black Medium Duty/Standard (15-20kg/33-44lb):

RED, Canon C300, heavy DSLRs with Cine primes with a gimbal like MōVI M5/M10/M15/Pro, Ronin/Ronin M/Ronin MX.


The 3/8”-16 and ¼”-20 tapped and through holes on top & bottom plate allow mounting of support arms, speed rail clamps, mounting hardware, etc. to mount the Isolator in different ways.


Flycam Quick Release Plate Adapter allows you to mount DJI Ronin/M/MX Gimbals conveniently and quickly on Vibration Isolator. High-grade aluminum constructed robust & simple design with Quick Lock Mechanism tightens the gimbal base resulting secure Gimbal Camera Setup. It is also compatible with standard grip-related cheese plates.


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Proaim 8″ Suction Camera Vibration Isolator for Gimbals, 5-20kg/11-44lb

619,96 incl. btw

Geschatte levertijd: 3 tot 6 werkdagen